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This site  focuses on spin, propaganda and the influence of public relations in mainstream news coverage, including Canada’s public broadcaster the CBC and its “national” newspaper the Globe and Mail.

The site is dedicated to examining  journalistic practices that create propaganda in mainstream news coverage. It will also discuss how to detect propaganda in TV, radio, newspaper and magazine journalism.

Our 3-Fs page which is coming soon will examine three key determinants in news coverage: Frames, Formats and Filters.

Our posts on Foolery examine the sheer banality of evil.

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  1. Robert Devet says:

    I just found this excellent and necessary blog, and am a bit concerned that the most recent posts date from march 2012. I really hope you are just taking a break.

  2. Costas Halavrezos says:

    There are many disturbing elements in the way the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been framed, both by the combatants and by those looking on from a safe distance. But the cynicism of our federal government’s one-dimensional stance is best exemplified in the video it promptly sent out to the target audience for both its policy & its fundraising: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/07/18/conservatives-israel-ad-video-commercial-canada_n_5599111.html

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