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Bruce Wark is a freelance journalist and retired journalism professor who lives in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. He taught the history and ethics of journalism at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 15 years. Before that, he worked for 19 years at CBC Radio news serving as a producer in charge of such network programs as World at Six, World Report and The House. He also produced Media File, a national program that looked critically at the performance of the news media. Along the way, Wark also worked as CBC Radio's legislative reporter in Ontario and as its National Reporter in Canada's Maritime provinces.

Jesus Murphy, Rex, wake up & smell the coffee

s our Toyota hurtled through darkness and rain last Sunday evening, my spouse pleaded with me to “turn the damn thing off.” She was referring to Cross Country Checkup, the CBC radio phone-in hosted by the tendentiously garrulous Rex Murphy. … Continue reading

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Jesus Murphy, Rex, wake up & smell the coffee

Occupation? What occupation? Part Two

erry Milewski is a CBC journalist who makes it a practice to speak truth to power. At times, that practice has landed him in trouble, but so far, he’s survived. After all, journalists are supposed to speak truth to power, … Continue reading

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Theodore Tugboat leads CBC suicide mission

single-source, puff piece in today’s Halifax Chronicle-Herald says Andrew Cochran, senior managing director for CBC in Atlantic Canada, is heading to Toronto to spearhead the public broadcaster’s five-year suicide mission named “Strategy 2020.” The Herald actually calls it a “survival plan,” … Continue reading

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Occupation? What Occupation?

CBC fails to question Canadian gov’t line on Israel/Gaza

ason Kenney, a senior minister in Canada’s Conservative government, delivered a ringing defence of Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza during the July 19th edition of the CBC Radio program, The House, while guest host Rosemary Barton listened politely. I suppose … Continue reading

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Conservatives didn’t create the CBC, damn it

But they just might destroy it

ne of Canada’s enduring myths is that the Conservatives created the CBC. Historian P.B. Waite asserts it in his 2012 book, In Search of R.B. Bennett, a biography of the Depression-era Conservative prime minister who definitely did not create the CBC. John … Continue reading

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Conservatives didn’t create the CBC, damn it

But they just might destroy it

Opinion polls dance to anybody’s tune

headline in the May 2, 2014 Halifax Chronicle-Herald caught my eye. It appeared over a story about the highly controversial, $164 million, second convention centre that may be built at taxpayers’ expense in the downtown core of Nova Scotia’s capital … Continue reading

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Opinion polls dance to anybody’s tune